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“BabyGirl Botanicals is an amazing queer and disabled owned small business. She provides sliding scale healing products that are extremely effective, made with love, intention, and are customizable to your beautiful body. Our communities deserve accessible pain relief and BabyGirl Botanicals is bringing something different for us to thrive”.

My Name is


I am 27 years old and the creator of BabyGirl Botanicals. BabyGirl came out of my own personal experience with chronic pain and disability. After receiving very little support with pain management from doctors, I began my journey looking for pain relief and a higher quality of life. Thus, BabyGirl Botanicals was born!


Every product is hand made with intention, care, and infused with love.

My Background: I am a white, Ashkenazi Jew from Brooklyn, NY. I currently live on Chochenyo/Ohlone Land (Oakland, CA) with my two cats in our plant filled apartment.

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What is "Sliding Scale"?

We use a Sliding Scale Mode to create a more equitable shopping experience. You will notice that our THC infused products are priced far below market rate. This is because we believe that everyone should have access to this medicine, and the modern cannabis industry has hijacked it with high prices and fees

With the launch of our website, we implemented a two-tier payment option. When deciding which tier to pay, please consider your social positionally. The sliding scale price is reserved for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color and low-income individuals. The “True” Price is the actual cost of the medicine. When you pay on the higher end of the scale, you are supporting access to herbal medicine for low-income and BIPOC communities.


If the prices listed are still not accessible for you, please email me at to discuss options.

Why did my items come in reused materials?

Here at BabyGirl we are well aware of the waste that is generated in our society. In an effort to minimize or at least reuse the waste that already exists, we reuse packaging materials to get products safely to your door! It may not be “pretty” but we value the planet over aesthetics.

Mass incarceration and marijuana:

BabyGirl Botanicals acknowledges the oppressive, racist history of cannabis in the United States. We understand that Black and Brown communities have been targeted and immensely affected by the “War on Drugs” and police violence. I am in a privileged position to be able to work with cannabis plants when there are whole communities impacted by mass incarceration and the criminalization of a plant. Everyone deserves access to this medicine without consequence.


I am always learning and growing, and my inbox is always open to feedback and article suggestions that I will link below:

Legalizing Marijuana Doesn't Mean its Legal for Everyone
The Drug War, Mass Incarceration and Race

Thanks for contacting us!

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